A series of works made in relation to films.



Am I acting as if there is something wrong?

2018, 5 minutes 13 seconds looped.

HD video projection & online video.

This work was commissioned by Runway Journal Issue #37 CINEMA edited by Alifa Bandali & Sarinah Masukor and made in response to The Headless Woman, 2008 by Lucrecia Martel. 


En cours d’etude


2018, 5 minutes 13 seconds looped

HD video projection onto gallery wall. Sound edited by M P Hopkins.

Filmed performance of escaping the first floor gallery at 55 Sydenham Rd through the window. 2 x ladders, borrowed suit.



2014, 3 minutes looped

HD video projection onto board. Scene from Tristana, 1970  by Luis Buñuel